Hwam - 3410

Hwam - 3410

Tradition meets enjoyment. The well-known, tried and true HWAM wood-burning stove has a new look: a new, elegant, glass lifting door, as well as a glass door below that conceals a practical storage space.

The HWAM 3410 appears as a lovely glass column in the classic home. The curved lifting door opens upward in a sliding motion, and the HWAM Comfort Closing System™ ensures easy closing. The slim handle is used for opening and closing the glass door.

Inside, the HWAM automatic™ naturally provides you with optimal burning, and an optimized pane flush function keeps the glass door clean and clear.

TypeFree Standing
Fuel TypeWood
Power Output
Flue Outlet Size150 mm
Width474 mm
Depth371 mm
Height1006 mm
Capacity in kW*
Heating, m2*
Nominel effect, kW*
Smoke outlet, cm15
HWAM automatic™Yes
Flue gas mass flow, g/s*
Flue gas temperature, C°*
Efficiency, %*
Chimney draft Pa12
Connection from floor, rear, cm85,5
Connection from floor, top, cm95,5
Distance to inflammable material, front, cm*
Distance to inflammable material, side, cm*
Distance to inflammable material, rear, cm*
NS 3058/3059Yes
Weight, kg90

(* Value not currently available)