Lotus - Prestige Integra

Lotus - Prestige Integra

Furniture, stove and creativity - all in one

With this stove, architect Kaare S?lvsten has succeeded in creating nothing less than a piece of furniture that can be adapted to turn your dreams to reality. The minimalistic look allows you to realise all your creative ideas.

With the Prestige Integra you get a large glass door that gives you a fantastic view of the flames. Beneath the stove door there is a practical fuel compartment that is integrated beautifully with the stove's elegant lines. As an optional extra, the Prestige Integra can be supplied with the Comfort Boost function that makes ignition easier and improves fuel economy.

In addition, the Prestige Integra is available with the option of a heat storage stone of up to 90 kg to give you several hours of snug warmth.

Combine a half-wall with practical storage for fuel or, for example, shelving. The possibilities are endless.

Give your creativity free rein With the Prestige Integra you get an internal fitting stove that allows you to integrate your wood burning stove into your home in a totally unique way. Like all other Lotus wood burning stoves, the Prestige Integra is craftsmanship of the highest quality and is a perfect combination of harmony and functionality.

Create a unique and decorative fuel storage compartment by building a half-wall behind the Prestige Integra. You get a piece of furniture that fits your home beautifully and naturally.

TypeInset / Built-In
Fuel TypeWood
Power Output5 kW
Flue Outlet Size150 mm
Width443 mm
Depth478 mm
Height1900 mm