Stovax Riva - Riva 66 Avanti

Stovax Riva - Riva 66 Avanti

Sharing exactly the same firebox features as the standard Riva 66, the Avanti differs only by its more contemporay styling - offering a design in its own right.

Above and below the door are finely proportioned Midnight Black steel panels whilst the door itself is gently curved and finished in Storm metallic paint.

The door handle locates on the right and may be removed after refuelling. The controls are discreetly positioned under the door so all you see are the crisp, clean lines of the Avanti surrounding a swirling picture of flame.

TypeInset / Built-In
Fuel TypeWood / Multi-Fuel
Power Output8 kW
Flue Outlet Size153 mm
Width755 mm
Depth395 mm
Height636 mm

If you expect to burn mainly smokeless fuel, then due to the larger firebox, you may wish to consider the optional 'reducing' kit. This decreases the amount of fuel you need to load but it also guides the fuel and cinders towards the grate for improved combustion. However, you may still burn wood with equal efficiency.

Furthermore, you can optimise the heating potential of the Riva 66 Avanti fire with two accessories:

  • The first is a fan-assisted convection kit, which boosts warm air entering the room at just the flick of a switch.
  • The second is a ducting system that diffuses some of the heat to other points in the same room or into other living spaces.

Or install both the fan and ducting system for ultimate heat distribution.

Colour: Storm Metallic/Midnight Black Metallic.