Varde Ovne - Aura 2

Varde Ovne - Aura 2

The Aura range features high-quality cast iron doors, top plate, grille, base and flue. Fitting options are flexible as the flue can be fitted either to the top or from the back of the stove. The door handle is produced so that it is cool to the touch.

Aura 2 is designed with a wider front and there is more space in the combustion chamber under the stove and an excellent view of the flames. The combustion chamber door opens when pressed gently.

Backfitting and topfitting

Also available: Aura 3 which is the smallest in the range.

TypeFree Standing
Fuel TypeWood
Power Output5 kW
Flue Outlet Size150 mm
Width500 mm
Depth430 mm
Height1000 mm