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Upgrade the efficiency and style of your home with the Aspect 14 eco boiler stove. 


This contemporary boiler stove is both practical and extremely desirable, adding ambience to the room alongside its powerful Tripleburn® technology which simultaneously heats the room and the water for your home.


The Aspect 14 Boiler Stove heats the hot water for your home quickly and efficiently whilst providing a magnificent centrepiece for your room with its impressive glass viewing window. One of its key features is the extremely low levels of CO emissions which it emits whilst providing a generous heat output to the room.


Please note: Due to high demand we ask that you check with our sales team for an update on expected delivery times. We currently have an average delivery time of 4-6 weeks.

Aspect 14 Boiler

VAT Included
    • Weight 172kg
    • Smoke Control Exempt
    • Nominal Heat Output 10.3kW
    • Nominal Heat Output to Water 4.8kW
    • Nominal Heat Output to Room 5.5kW
    • Efficiency on wood 77%
    • CO emission at 13% o2 0.06%
    • Log Length 330mm
    • Energy Efficiency A
    • Eco Designed class 
    • Fuel - Wood
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