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All stoves require adequate air for combustion and an external air kit provides air directly into the stove, without the need for an air brick. Air is ducted to the kit from outside, either through the wall behind the stove or under the floor.


Designed from conception to be airtight, some of the Stovax stoves including Chesterfield, Sheraton, and Vogue stoves can be optionally installed with a dedicated external air supply, meaning they do not need to draw away from the room. This potentially negates the need for an additional air vent, therefore minimising drafts. 


The Futura 5 and Huntingdon 30 stoves come ready to be installed with an external air supply without needing an additional bespoke external air kit. Thanks to a built-in external air connection, all that is needed for these stoves to take combustion air from the outside of the property is to be connected to an external air tube. 


Please note: Due to high demand we ask that you check with our sales team for an update on expected delivery times. We currently have an average delivery time of 4-6 weeks.

Stovax External Air Kit

VAT Included
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