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The Jøtul F 105-series has a confident and friendly character. In spite of its size the Jøtul F 105 is a wood stove that stands out from the rest.


Some of the distinctive design elements of this wood stove include the large horizontal glass door, which offers a great view to the fire and the intuitive air control that make it very user friendly.


The wood stove is available on traditional legs or on a base. A soapstone top can be fitted as an optional accessory. Jøtul F 105 is designed to perform efficiency at low burn rates, while being robust enough to fend off cold snaps. Jøtul F 105 is adapted for low energy homes.


Approved for Class 1 means the wood stove is able to burn clean at lower efficiency than for Class 2. Class 1 products burns clean at lowest wood consumption below 0.8 kg / per hour, while Class 2 products burns clean with lowest wood consumption under 1.25 kg / per hour.


Please ask our sales team about the range of accessories which are available with the F 105R 


Please note: Due to high demand we ask that you check with our sales team for an update on expected delivery times. We currently have an average delivery time of 4-6 weeks.

JØTUL F 105 R with Base

VAT Included
    • Woodstove approved for Class 1
    • Suitable for low effect heating, burns optimally from 2,2 kW
    • Size Height: 690 mm Width: 410 mm Depth: 325 mm
    • Log size up to 33.00 cm
    • Flue outletØ 125.00 mm
    • Flue exit optionsTop / Rear 
    • Nom output4.5 kW
    • Efficiency83% 
    • Heating capacityup to 86 m²
    • Heating capacity cubicup to 200 m³
    • CO Emission0.09%
    • Dust Product Emission7 mg/Nm³
    • NOx Emission99 mg/Nm³
    • OGC Emission76 mg/Nm³
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