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Prolong your relaxing evenings outside with the warmth of a Nordpeis Roma outdoor fireplace.


With an elegant and modern cylindrical exterior and made from lightweight concrete, the Roma is easy to assemble and install and makes an instant freestanding al fresco statement.


The combustion chamber offers an optimal view of the flames and finished in light-coloured Thermotte™, which is extremely durable and shock-resistant.


The Roma also comes with a removable grill that can be easily slotted inside the chamber with the provided tools for cooking your own outdoor cuisine.


The nature of the Roma’s concrete material may be liable to surface crazing.


Whilst for some this natural change in the material makes for attractive aesthetic, if not desired, repairs can be made with light/acrylic filler. If you wish to tailor your Roma further to a colour scheme, the unfinished concrete can be painted with silica-based masonry paint to suit your garden design.


** We strongly recommend that you consider the local regulations regarding safety distances to buildings and vegetation before assembling the product and putting it to use. Please also be aware of possible local temporary fire bans during droughts.


In the case that the Roma is placed on a wooden or composite deck, we strongly recommend covering the floor around it with non-combustible material (minimum 50cm wide) in order to distribute weight, avoid embers leaving marks in the deck and in worst case fire.


Weight: 352 kg



Nordpeis Roma Outdoor Fireplaces

SKU: 765-025
VAT Included
  •  * Freestanding outdoor fireplace
     * Made from lightweight concrete
     * Modern cylindrical exterior
     * Removable grill for cooking your own outdoor cuisine
     * Easy to assemble and install
     * Exterior can be painted with breathable acrylic masonry paint to tailor the look

    * Height: 2129 mm
    * Width: 735 mm
    * Depth: 620 mm

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