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With its pure lines and stylish black glass surfaces, the Gazco Vision Midi brings the age old concept of the stove into the present day, offering wood fire ambience with clean, modern styling.


Featuring mesmerising rolling flames and a highly realistic log effect fuel bed, the Midi can generate up to 3.6kW of heat at a staggering 84.3% efficiency – making it a both stylish and practical heating solution.


For further styling options, all Visions can be installed on a Riva™ stove benches, elevating the stove for added impact and presence.

Packed with state of the art technology, all Gas Vision stoves can be controlled with an optional Standard or Programmable Thermsotatic, for easy and convenient control.


The Vision Midi model is also available in both electric and wood burning and multi-fuel ranges and comes in other sizes such as: Vision Small and Vision Medium.


Rear Exit or Top Exit available - please ask our knowledgable sales team about the different options. 


Vision Midi Gas

VAT Included
    • Nominal Heat Output: 3.26 - 3.6kW
    • Gas Types: Natural Gas LPG
    • Fuel Effect: Logs
    • Efficiency: Conventional Flue: 75% Balanced Flue: 95.4%
    • Finish Choice: Black Glass
    • Manual Control
    • Remote Control Options: Standard upgradeable & Programmable Thermostatic upgradeable
    • Flame Viewing Area: 254 x 240mm
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